01. An Opensource Community Cryptocurrency

Community Cryptocurrency

Cybits is an Opensource Community Cryptocurrency . The project aims to build community participation, engagement and direction in the future of the project.

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02. Benefits

Cybits Benefits

Super Fast Transactions

Block time of 45 seconds making sending and receiving super fast

Zero Fees

Send Cybits to your friends and family with ZERO transaction Fees

Awesome Community

Cybits provides active community participation in the development and direction of the project
03. Team

Team & Advisors

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the Cybits project is based on state of the art technology

Panayiotis Savva

Software Developer

Jimmy Armanides

UX Designer

Jimmy Savva

Blockchain Developer
4. donate

Donate to Support

To contribute to the project, please send a maximum of 100 STRAX to your Strax Contribution Address. This will be found on the Dashboard of the Launchpad at https://launchpad.cybits.org
This should not be regarded as purchasing Cybits but as a contribution to the development of the project.

A maximum of 100 STRAX may be contributed by each registered user to the project.

Each contributor will receive 10,000 CY for every 1 STRAX contributed.